It is imperative that families adhere to our parking safety rules. This is for the safety of everyone. All 1st - 8th students should be dropped off at the front of the school. There are two drop of circles. Parents can pull in and turn right to drop off in the front of the school. Or parents can pull in and turn left and students can enter the playground through the back gate. The goal is to not back up traffic on Morse Avenue.

Kindergarten parents ONLY may drop off at the side gate. The Northrop Avenue gate will be locked at 8:30am. Parents who want to walk inside should not park on the road, but go around to park in the front of the school.

At no time, should anyone drive fast or recklessly through the parking areas. At no time, should parents park their cars in a drop off area or red zone.

  • Always park in a designated parking spot.