Report an Absence

Whenever a child is absent from school, the school must receive an explanation from the parent/guardian.


Parents may:

  - send notes
    (Office Hours: 8am - 4pm)
  - e-mail
  - call the school office
  - fill out the form
     (click button bellow)


Whenever a child is absent from school, the school must receive an explanation from the parent/guardian. Parents my send notes or e-mails, or they may call the school office. The explanation must include the child's name, the date(s) of the absence, the reason for the absence, and the teacher's name. Notes should be signed and dated by the parent/guardian. For doctor or dentist appointments, please provide a note signed and dated by your physician or dentist. The school attendance clerk will call home if a phone call, note, or e-mail has not been received fro absent students.

To assist parents in reporting absences, there are several way to notify the office of an absence:

  • School E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Office Phone (8:00am - 4:00pm) (916) 286-1985
  • School Website: Click on "REPORT AN ABSENCE" to the left

All absences must be cleared by a parent/guardian within 5 business days; after that time, the absence becomes a truancy. Attendance letters will be sent by the office. Letters are sent for the equivalent of 5 days unexcused absences (1st truancy letter), 10 days unexcused absences (2nd truancy letter), and 15 days unexcused absences (3rd truancy letter). The 3rd letter results in the student being identified as "habitual truant".

A letter will be mailed from the office after 5 days of excused absences. After 10 absences, a second latter requiring verification of illness (doctor's note) will be mailed. Without verification, absences exceeding 10 days will considered unexcused.


In the event that your child must be gone from school for an extended period of time, an Independent Study Contract may be requested. There is a "short term" Independent Study option for absences of less than 3 days and an Independent Study Contract for 3 or more days. Independent study absences cannot exceed 20% of the student's total instructional time.

Requests must be turned in to the office for the principal's signature at least five (5) days prior to the absence, so that there is adequate time for the teacher to prepare student materials. Requests submitted with less than five (5) days notice may not be granted. Successfully competed Independent Study Contracts will not count against a child's attendance record. Completed work must be returned on the day the student returns to school.

School absences are monitored carefully throughout the year. If a student has excessive school absences or tardies, a meeting will be held to discuss reasons why and strategies to improve school attendance.